What our funded partners say

Don’t take our words, take theirs.


“When I needed bridge financing to support my newly acquired Fortune 500 clients, The Barrett Edge understood the details and supported the efforts in a remarkable way like no other investment banker.”

– Richard Doermer, Founder, Touch CR Inc.

“My Go-To Team”

“When I needed the growth capital to expand to a bigger facility and add a commercial kitchen, The Barrett Edge was there. They’re now my go-to team for capital needs.”

– Paul Miller, Founder and CEO, Bircus Brewery Inc.

“Incredibly Happy”

“We are incredibly happy with our financing experience. I’m so glad to have met the fantastic team at The Barrett Edge and secured funding.”

– Sajjad Hasan, Fouder, NexGen Roofing, Inc.

“Great Partner”

“Our company is growing at such an accelerated rate that we couldn’t keep up with market demand. The Barrett Edge is a great financial partner who funded us quickly and alleviated our fund-raising burden.”

– Scott Bergin, CFO, CEO, Aviation Information Services, Inc.



“Investment banking professionals, The Barrett Edge’s efforts, network and knowledge are unmatched when building a company. Over the years, they simply keep delivering as we keep growing.”

– Joel Primus, Co-Founder, Naked Brands, Inc.

Naked Brand

“Class A Firm”

“The Barrett Edge team helped us with all of our financing needs. We are excited to be working with a Class A investment banking firm that can provide creative methods of raising capital for acquisition targets.”

– Stephen Delaportes, Founder, Intercontinental Growth Holdings, Inc.


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