NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – Nov 11, 2013) – Infinity AR announced recently that it has retained the services of strategic consultant Barrett Ehrlich. Infinity AR is the company that will provide cutting edge augmented reality technology for Google Glass and Meta Digital eye wear. Mr. Ehrlich brings a wealth of business experience to Infinity AR including a background in mergers and acquisitions, investment banking and expertise in capital markets.

Mr. Ehrlich also has much experience in the technology sector, sharing his knowledge and insights with Moshe Hogeg, the founder and CEO of Mobli, who just completed a strategic investment with Carlos Slim’s América Móvil for $60 million. “Barrett’s business acumen, confidence and experience is priceless,” stated Mr. Hogeg. “His influence has secured a fiscal stability for businesses and his guru like status as a financial advisor is only surpassed by his uncanny ability to see the total picture. Barrett is an excellent sounding board and an invaluable advisor who provides results for every company he has served.”

Enon Landenberg, president and CEO of Infinity AR, states, “We feel very fortunate to be working with Barrett. His experience and expertise in all facets of capital markets and investment banking is priceless. Yet it is not just Barrett’s extensive experience that he brings to the table, but also his boundless energy. His enthusiasm and vitality are contagious to those around him. It is the perfect combination for us, an expert advisor who continues to look at all aspects of our business while providing creative solutions where needed.”

Mr. Ehrlich began his career in investment banking at Pali Capital before joining Sunrise Securities, an investment bank providing financial advisory services to growth and middle market companies. It was at Sunrise where Mr. Ehrlich was responsible for executing over $1.9 billion in transactions. Mr. Ehrlich is the founder and managing director of The Barrett Edge, an investment firm specializing in entrepreneurial ventures with a focus on identifying and investing in micro capitalized growth companies. Mr. Ehrlich is an active investor in micro cap companies and maintains deep relationships with institutional investors and analysts on Wall Street.